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Real-time Sync

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(RSD) Real-time Synchronization Data
It is a real-time data synchronization system that is used by companies with branches
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Synchronize or synchronize data

Is the process of making sure that data for devices in different places have been updated in a replica of each other over certain rules and synchronized a term that refers exclusively to two-way data synchronization. What is used to link branches in accounting software is not synchronized with the real concept of instantaneous synchronization but when Real-time Synchronization Data (RSD) Synchronization is supported in its real and immediate sense. In the sense that when writing an invoice or accounting entry in any branch, it is immediately transferred to the main office without user intervention. Restrictions and Invoicing Waiting for a connection to the network is available. An overview of the types and methods of exchanging and linking data between branches in accounting programs.

Direct connection system with the headquarters database

This method is based on direct Internet connection between the branches and the main center through which the data is called from the main center and the data is stored on the main center. The advantages of this method are that any change occurs in any branch, From the knowledge of all things that occur in the branches without contact or waiting for the time to withdraw data from the branches and the disadvantages of that in the event of any interruption of the branch in the section will lose the ability to work and save data and called, and also in case of interruption of the net or power in Head office and other branches Of disrupted until the return of the net connection in the main center and other defects are also slow operations as a result of the adoption of the branches complete online speed in the branches and the main center in addition to the server specifications in the center's main server for those branches, which makes the process call data and save it takes a long time to implement them.

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System for importing and exporting data in a scheduled manner

In this way, each of the branches and the head office work separately and at specific times (in specific programs that are on demand), data is sent and received to and from the branches in a specific order, which is prepared in the program. In the Internet connection directly and therefore will not stop the work of any branch as a result of the interruption of the Internet and the shortcomings of the inability of the main center to know what is happening in the changes in the branches in a moment and instantaneous and therefore will be the adoption of the main center on data that has been saved since the last time In which the data of the branches were imported and in return any change that takes place from SIA The prices of the company at any moment will not be seen by the branches directly until the export of the new settings set by the main center of the defects also slow the process of importing and exporting data due to the large volume of data, especially for branches that have a large number of operations a day such as shops Supermarkets and pharmacies with branches.

Web Application System / Web Application

It is a system that is fully compatible with the direct communication system with a single difference. It depends on the lack of data in the machine that we operate on, but it is reserved on external servers on the internet. Each branch and main center sends and receives data from the external server and therefore does not depend The main center is to obtain information and to keep it. The main center is connected to the whole length of time. The disadvantages of this method are slow to get reports after a short period of work on the application and the survival of the company's information is subject to piracy or selling or damage in the event of any problems with the hosting site Data and defects Depending on the Internet in a basic way, which happens to meet you in the event of interruption of the net in the branches or headquarters.

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RSD (Real-time Synchronization Data)

In this system, the integration of all the previous methods where there is data for each branch of its own and the branches are linked to the main center and the system works in the presence of the net automatically and saves the data on the branch device and send what was saved on the branch to The information is stored on the branch device and the new information is sent only to the main office and in the same way as Google's synchronization method. When you use the Android phone to save or Edit a contact in your phone and at If you have an Internet connection, the phone will directly and without your intervention send the new contact or modification to your Google account and vice versa also if you have modified or saved a new contact through your Google Account, and when there is a connection in your phone will be modified Connect to your phone and if you are disconnected from the internet, if you reconnect to the phone, it will synchronize your contacts. Through the RSD system, both the Head Office and the other branches can work without any interruption or interruption to enter and call the information. Each branch has its own data, through which it can view and save the data quickly and without interruption and rely on the coming data From the main center and without relying on the connection of the Internet and its interruptions. If the connection is available, the information is exported to the main station and if the interruption remains in the waiting period until the connection with the network is then the information is saved during the interruption period and vice versa. Contact in the main office remain branches operate On a continuous basis without relying on the main conservation center and review the statements as they have (ie branches) the data that belongs to them.

"When relying on the synchronization system, we have eliminated all the defects in the other ways of being fully dependent and paralyzed in the event of interruption or maintenance of the data of the company in external servers and slow in other systems of connectivity "

We have a process of connecting branches without interruption at the head office and all other branches at high speed, whatever the size of the data .

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